torstai 14. maaliskuuta 2013


The second part of the English test is tomorrow, so what would be any better way to study than writing a blog post in English? Please tell me if I make any mistakes!
Tampere Film Festival week was awesome. I got to known a lot of new people from the film industry and saw many cool films during that week! It felt so unreal... My film among the other professional filmmakers... And the most funny part is, that you haven't seen anything yet! What if I had more resources, more money and people to do my projects? If TAKE AWAY - the study of death ended up in a movie theater, where is my next film going? I think I am so lucky that only at age of 19 I can achieve such things.  
02:12 starts my interview... Oh God. Well you are not able to understand that if you don't speak Finnish... I am so embarrassed but you know, who wants to see itself in an awkward situation and moreover in TV! And I do look pale and "bored" :---DDd but I wasn't bored, I really had a great day with those people, the interviewer was super nice! 
The next film is about human body. This time I am trying to get more people to work with me in this project, in next film shooting I already have one model and a makeup artist! I need to get one more model so we can start filming the scene. Do you know any potential model candidates I could ask for? Let me know!

~ Minni ~  

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  1. No need to feel embarrassed! You did well.

    Good luck for the exam :---)

    PS. When you become a world-famous filmmaker, I'm most certainly going to buy your films! ;)