maanantai 11. helmikuuta 2013


Because I have listening comprehension tomorrow, I try to speak and write in English only. Blah blah blah.
It was so cool to travel by train to Helsinki and it costed only 10 euros, wohoo!
 I put this on the wall!
 I tried to be an artist and took a black and white picture. The baby helped me doing it!
 I tell you a secret. After I managed to lie about my age to get a free ticket, me and my mother drank a glass of sparkling whine. Actually this was really an artistic performance, but I'm not sure about it's purpose.
Then we ate organic food in a self-service restaurant, Bravuria. Sooo delicious. And I tell you another secret, they didn't charge us for the wines! Free whine is always better, isn't it?
BOO! Did I scare you? I was a little bit bored after watching two films in a hotel room. After that I went with my friend Vilma to a gig. Before that we visited funny Indian bar. Then Vilma showed me how to travel free by tram and to be honest, I was a little bit scared to be caught, but we survived like a real helsinkiläinen! The gig was awsome, last time I saw Pintandwefall, they were performing in a tiny record store! They have really improved a lot in two years!! 
Spending time with my mom is super cool. And oh we walked so much during those two days! I am still so tired.
Shoes from Zara only for 15 euros!! So happy. 
So pretty watch<3
Hair accessory! And it can also be attached to a collar!
 A blouse from Zara. It does look a little bit like chanel, doesn't it?
Haha hehe haha hehe.... a bag... so beautiful pastel coloured bag...!!

So that was it, what a lovely weekend! I hope you'll have a perfect day today.

~ Minni ~

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